120 Prado Std 2 Drawer

The 4WD Storage Solution Specialists.
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Here at OffRoad Systems we believe it is of the utmost importance that we bring our customers three things.

  1. A Strong, Quality Product
  2. An Affordable Product
  3. A Great Looking Product

We strive to get the most out of your vehicle, and our drawers represent that by being Lightweight, Affordable, but still built strong enough to last longer than any cars lifetime.

We have a large range of drawer systems and accessory products. Feel free to browse through our website.

We have released a "NEW", even larger list of available DIY drawer sizes! (Click Here)

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Aluminium Drawers -
Our Series of Super light Drawers!


Our Super light Aluminium drawers are the best on the market. Our Standard 2 Drawer system for the current model Toyota Prado weighs in at only 38kg, and that's a complete system! (Base, Frame, Drawers, Runners, Top, Wings - the whole thing!). This is possible because of our unique Aluminium / Lightweight Plywood combination that you just can't find anywhere but OffRoad Systems.


Galvanised or Aluminium Steel Frame & Drawers, Marine Carpet Upholstery, Keyed Alike Locks and more ...



Double Drawer Runners, Carpet Colour Options and more ...


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