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Stainless Steel Water Tanks

Water, water all around, so lets all have a drink. And fill the radiator, and wash our face and hands. But what happens when there is no water. You need to take it with you.

There are thousands of ways to store water. Jerry cans, pipes, plastic tanks, bladders… but they all have their problems. In 40 degree heat, no-one wants to drink hot water that tastes like plastic. That’s why we developed our range of stainless steel water tanks.

Designed to tuck in behind the vehicles rear seat (a space that is otherwise notoriously tricky to pack into) our tanks fill a gap that would normally be wasted.

The positioning of the tank is also a key point in the design. It sits low (on the floor), straight over the back axel. This is the perfect spot to store something that can weigh up to 70kg when full. The positioning also means that the tank is kept out of direct sunlight and is insulated by the rear seat, the drawers and any luggage/camping gear.

The steel used is all food grade stainless, meaning it will not affect the taste of the water, regardless of how long it is kept in the tank. Using plastic tanks or bladders can cause the water to take on the taste of the plastic. Stainless steel is also best because it doesn’t need to be thick to be strong, meaning less wasted space.

Baffling across the middle of the tank stops the sloshing as you are driving, meaning a more peaceful ride for the occupants of the vehicle. The final advantage is the simplicity. Filling the tank can be done through the filling spout with a funnel, or straight through the pouring hose. And the water is just as easy to retrieve. Rather than trying to lift heavy jerry cans, simply open the rear door, turn on the tap and let gravity do the rest. No back ache, no spillage, just a group of jealous friends. So now, even when there is no water all around, everyone can have a drink.

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