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Standard 2 Drawer

Gu Std2
Our drawer systems are made up of two basic parts. The frame, made out of either Galvanised Steel or Aluminium, and the timber paneling, which is made of highly developed, waterproof plywood, covered in marine grade carpet. All of our timber work is done on site in our factory. Using a Continuous-numerically controlled (CNC) machine, all of the panels are machined with extreme accuracy, ensuring all of our drawer systems fit neatly into each and every vehicle.

Morbidelli 504

The machine used is a Morbidelli Author 504, and it’s little brother the Author 502. Both machines make light work of all of the drilling and routing work, and are accurate to 0.01mm.


These panels are then covered using the highest quality marine grade carpet.

Then using a high strength contact glue the carpet is stuck to the panel, folded around the panel and trimmed to give a perfect finish. This method stops daggy overhangs that pre moulded carpet can tend to give. The carpetis unaffected by water, is easy to clean and is outstandingly tough.


The drawer frames are all computer punched and folded to very strict tolerances. This ensures every set of drawers is perfectly square, runs true and is free from weak spots. The design of the frame gives the system ample strength whilst remaining light weight.







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