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At Offroad systems, we aren't just about building drawers. We are about entire vehicle storage solutions. This is why we sell a full range of storage and safety equipment such as Fridge Slides, Cargo Barriers, Stainless Steel Water Tanks, Cargo Barrier Shelves, as well as other useful items such as our Drawer Top Table, Traveler Table and Car Back Kitchen. We allow you to drive your standard vehicle in, and drive out in a machine set up to tackle anything.

100 Series Cruiser
Some built units ready to go into vehicles

Even our drawer systems aren't standard. Not only are they more space efficient than any other system, they are also lighter and easier to remove. We also offer more variations per vehicle than any other manufacturer. Our basic variations are the Standard 2 Drawer system, and the Fridgepack models.

Standard 2 Drawer

The ORS Standard 2 Drawer System comprise of 2 drawers, side by side. This system is excellent for those that don't wish to drastically change the usabillity of the vehicle from a day to day basis. You can see that the deck area is much more useable, now that the drawer system has covered both the wheel arches. This gives much more space for loading luggage or groceries & is perfect for delicate objects as there are no bolt heads or hinge knuckles etc. protruding. The real bonus is, you can have your drawers full of those "must carry in the car" items & still have full use of a larger deck space than you originally had.
We are also the only company on the market to offer a choice of aluminum of galvanized steel drawers. Most offer only steel, some offer aluminum, but only Offroad Systems offers the same system in both materials.
A fridge slide can be mounted easily on the top for those weekends away & removed again when not in use.

Standard 2 Drawer in a 200 Series Landcruiser
Fridgepack 3

Fridgepack 3 in a 100 Series Landcruiser

The ORS Fridgepack system stack the drawer's on-top of each other, allowing the fridge slide (included) to be bolted to the base, keeping the fridge down low. With the massive number of Fridge Slides on the market, why chose ours? Because the quality is second to none. With a single piece base tray, triple-lock adjustable locking bar, a high sided top tray for thermo-bag protection and stainless steel ball bearing runners, there is no other option.

For more Information on "FridgePack" sytems - CLICK HERE

ORS Premium Fridge Slide

The ORS "Premium Fridge Slide" evolved from the fact that we were unable to source a fridge slide to fit with our drawer systems that did not have "issues". Some of the available slides had obvious drawbacks, such as not being able to extend fully, loose lock in position meaning the slide rattled, or light duty runners. Others were made of multiple parts which came loose over time & some just deteriorated very quickly with use. We soon realised, if we were to include a slide in our product range it would need to be of a much better quality & function than what was available at the time.

We set about producing our own, and, armed with the knowledge of what NOT to do, have produced an excellent slide - I think, The Best Slide!!

For more Information on Fridge Slides pricing & Sizes- CLICK HERE

Fridge Slide
Fridge Slide Box

Fridge Slide

The Fridge Slide Box is a clever way of utilizing the fridge slide & compartment when the fridge is not required. It basically turns the fridge slide into a useable drawer which can be used for those day to day things. A good place to put shopping bags, tool boxes, drill cases & a host of other uses. The Fridge Slide Box is made to order so you decide.

To see more - CLICK HERE

ORS Premium Generator Slide

This slide was designed to suit the Honda 2.0i Generator. Part of the EU_inverter series. The slide enables the generator to be located in a secure area, i.e. a side compartment in a camper, motor home or trailer, & slide out to operate. The generator can quite happilly operate on the slide as the runners are 120kg rated. The slide has a number of fixing features for the Honda.

(1)You can strap the Honda down to the slide with tie down straps to the loops front & rear of the tray
(2) You can padlock the Honda to the slide using the security cable that is generally supplied with the generator (or purchased separately)
(3) You can bolt the Honda to the tray using the bolts that screw through the rubber feet

The slide utilizes heavy duty 3 stage (120kg rated) over extension runners which allow the slide to be extended more than its tray length. This enable the generator to be exteded far enough from an enclosed space to be refuelled & connections made for the 240 outlets or 12 volt battery charger.

The tray of the slide is a little wider & a little longer than the body of the Honda 2.0 to allow for the protective cover that is often supplied with the Honda. This clearance also means there is no contact with the sides of the honda & the slide while running or travelling.

Generator Slide
Stainless Steel Water Tank
Stainless Steel Water Tank

Stainless Steel Water Tank

Our range of Stainless Steel Water Tank's are designed to fill the gap between the back of the drawers and the back seats. This space is all too often forgotten about and is a valuable area for storage. Putting a Stainless Steel Water Tank in this cavity fills it very neatly, provides a totally flat surface through to the seats and means the space is used without having to move the rear seat. The water is drained through a gravity fed hose, accessible through the rear passenger door. An electric pump & tap can aslo be fitted to the water system for convenience.

For more Information on Stainless Steel Water tanks pricing & sizes- CLICK HERE

Cargo Barriers

We stock, sell and install Autosafe Cargo Barriers to suit most vehicles.These are made in Australia from high quality 25mm X 25 mm steel mesh to make sure nothing can pass through. We also stock barriers to suit our own SS water tanks. These are called 'Half Barriers' & 'Special Barriers' and are mounted above the water tank or 'Security Storage Box" so as to still allow a full sized water tank to be used.

NB* Some barriers are manufactured with 50mm x 25mm mesh. This has been done to reduce weight & improve visability.

For more Information on Cargo Barriers- CLICK HERE

Fridge Slide
Traveller Table

Fridge Slide

Our new traveler table is designed to sit nicely between the drawers and fridge compartment of any Fridgepack system. To use it, just pull the handle to slide it out and unfold the adjustable legs. When not in use, it slides neatly away into its holder and will never rattle. All the legs are individually adjustable so it can be levelled on the most uneven ground
or slope.

For more Information on Traveller Tables - CLICK HERE

Cargo Barrier Shelf

Our newest product is the 'Top Shelf' Cargo Barrier Shelf. It is held securely against the barrier for maximum strength; the side brackets mount to the existing cargo barrier mounts and have holes for placement of tie down straps. It is the perfect way to create that little bit of extra storage & is ideally suited for those lighter items such as pillows, towels,day packs, sleeping bags. I have also mounted all my electrics on this shelf. it has an inverter, a battery charger, a music system & some 12 volts outlets on either end. i don't expect to get into water this deep, but if the worst happens my electrics should be high & dry!!

Fridge Slide
Drawer Top Table

Fridge Slide

Our drawer top tables are the handiest accessory to have with our drawers. When not in use, they sit neatly in the top of the drawer. When you want to use it, just take it out, turn in 90* and you have the perfect table to make a cup of tea or prepare dinner. Made of Birch Ply it's virtually indestructible and with a Laminex top is easy to keep clean.

For more Information on Drawer Top Tables- CLICK HERE

Security Storage Box

The Security Storage Box has been made to sit between the Offroad systems Drawer System & the 2nd row of seats. It makes good use of the angled area created by the slope of the 2nd row seats & once installed, is almost invisible. It appears the drawers go right to the seats & it would take a bit of searching to realise there is an opening door behind the seats. The security storage box is ideal to tuck valuables away when you need to leave the car, however it s uses are not restricted to security. It is a valuable storage space for tools, spare parts, long itms such as an axe etc.

The Security Storage Box can be designed with quite a few, size & door variations as well as 3 security level options.

Fridge Slide


CarBac Kitchen
Stainless Steel Water Tank

The collaboration between Offroad Systems and Drifta Camping kitchens, the Car Back kitchen is the perfect kitchen unit. It has a large drawer at one end which is accessible while the unit is in the car. It also has a good sized washing up tub as well as a cutlery drawer. The legs are all adjustable so uneven ground is not a problem and when open; it has 1.7 metres of bench space.

For more Information on CarBac Kitchens- CLICK HERE

More products to come