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ORS Premium Generator Slides

Slides to suit a many Generator sizes
• Single piece top and base tray
• Adjustable locking bar
• Rubber runner stops (no rattles)
• Full Extension tray
• 120kg Rating
• 100% Australian Made and Owned
• Easy to fit & Easy to remove
• Generator can be padlocked to tray for security
• Generator can be operated on the slide

Tray Size Suits Price
310 x 575 Honda__EU10i , Honda__EU2.0i , Yamaha__EF1000iS, Yamaha__EF2000iS, Kipor__GS1000, Kipor__GS2000, Hushmate__HM1700i, Subaru__R1700i Hyundai__HY1000Si, Hyundai__HY2000Si Hyundai__Hy3000Si $310
385 x 725 Honda__EU30iU, Kipor__GS2600, $339
450 x 725 Honda__EU30iS , Kipor__GS3000, Yamaha__EF2400iS Yamaha__EF3000iSE Hyundai__HY3600SEi $364






Over the years, we have been asked whether we can make slides for various purposes & I would say the most often requested use has been the generator. More & more people are carrying generators, especially now there is such a great range of low noise high quality inverter type generators capable of handling everything from sensitive computer equipment through to running your caravan air conditioning or even charging up your vehicle batteries.Drawer System with Fridge Slide

Like it or not, even with the compact size & weight of these high tech little units (& some not so little), as we mature in age we realise that even if we are still capable of handling these weights, its probably a good idea not to!!

I find even the Honda EU20I, (probably the best known & biggest selling generator in its class) at 21kg is not a difficult lift - UNTIL, i have to reach out with it to put it into the back of the ute or down & over into the trailer, or even juggle it into a side compartment of a motorhome. These simple actions change the complexity of carrying a generator.

Being able to mount a generator on a slide & being able to just slide it out when necessary, run it on the slide & slide it back when finished seemed to be the obvious way to go.

We particularly noticed a lot of caravans & motorhomes designing compartments into the outside specifically to house a generator. Most that I have seen, assume the operator will take it out of the compartment & run it on the ground, however I have seen a few that have provision for the "Genny" to run inside the compartment. The only issue here is that the generator generally has to be taken out for refuelling or just to check oil level etc.

Drawer System with Fridge Slide We decided, since we aleady had an excellent quality fridge slide capable of handling 120 kgs, it would not be a big problem to modify the design & sizes to suit a range of generators.

Obviously we had to address a couple of issues not necessarily present with fridges & Seurity was top of the list.
• We have included some location holes in the frame so that a security cable can be used to padlock the generator onto the slide.
• We have reduced the open area of the tray so the generator in most cases can be bolted on to the slide using the bolts used for the rubber mounted feet.
• We have relocated the tie down slots so the generator can be strapped securely onto the slide to prevent movement.

I'm not sure who said it, however i do know I believe it, now more so than ever (perhaps someone can tell me!)

"The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of a low price is forgotten"

These "Just Straps" Tie downs will suit some generator models & are very usefull if the generator needs to be removed from the slide frequently. Once the straps are set in place on the generator & the other half attached to the slide, it is only a matter of hooking together thehook & loop & a tug on the tightening strap to secure the generator down.



Alternatively, any good quality strap with a cam buckle will do the job adequately. The generator will need to have a reasonably sturdy handle or similar in order to have something for the straps to pull down on. Rubber feet are more than edequate to cushion the generator on the slide, however if your particular model is not equiped with rubber feet or similar, a mat of foam rubber 10-20mm thick do the job nicely.

"Just Straps" are sold in a set of 4 for $27.00 per set
"Rhino Straps" are sold in a set of 2 for $15.00 per set