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Premium Fridge Slides

Slides to suit all fridge sizes
• Single Piece top and base tray
• Adjustable locking bar
• Rubber runner stops (no rattles)
• Full Extension tray
• 120kg Rating
• 100% Australian Made and Owned
• Easy to fit & Easy to remove

Tray Size
310 x 575
HONDA 2 GENERATOR, Engel 15l, Engel 21lt, Waeco CF25
385 x 725
ARB 35L/47L, Autofridge 40L, Dobinsons 40L/50L, Engel MT35F, Engel MT45F, Evakool ED40/IB31/IB40/IB50/RF40, Ironman 30L/40L/50L, Opposite Lock 30L/40L/50L, Primus Mammoth 45L/60L, Waeco CF35/CF40/CF50/CF60, Waexo CFX35/CFX40
420 x 725

Bushman 35/42L, Evakool RF47,
Evakool Fridgemate BCD30/BCD45/BCD60

460 x 725

Evacool Fridgemate FM55, Evakool RF60,
Primus 40Ltr (591540 Stainless),
Waeco CFX50/CFX65

505 x 725
Chescold 39L (Dometic F400), Chescold 50L (Dometic RC1180), Primus 60L Duo (591890 Stainless)
460 x 800
ARB 60L/80L
460 x 860
Trailblazer Models 50L-100L
505 x 825
Evakool 110L/IB70/RF85, Evakool Fridgemate FM95, Ironman 65L Dual Zone, Ironman 74L, National Lunar 75 Combi, Primus Mammoth 65L/92L/118L, Waeco CF80/CF110
525 x 850
Autofridge 80L, Engel MT60F/MT70F, Explorer DC56/DC70/DC95
540 x 1000






When we were looking for a fridge slide to accompany our drawer systems, we discovered that every slide on the market had flaws. Some rattled, some weren’t adjustable, some didn’t offer a slide to suit larger fridges, and some were just downright horrible. So we set about developing a slide that worked. A slide with none of the shortcomings of ORS Premium Fridge Slideother brands. It had to be solid to stop the slide from flexing over rough terrain. The only way to do this was to use as few parts as possible. The top and base trays, rather than using a multitude of parts all bolted together, are punched and folded as a single piece. The strap loops are also incorporated into the top tray to eliminate the need for welds; (that can break).

We also noticed that a lot of fridges came in insulating bags. These bags had a tendency to rub on the runners of some slides and eventually tear. To stop this, the sides of the tray are built taller to completely cover the runner, protecting the bag.

A lot of slides, over time, started to rattle back and forth when closed. This Drawer System with Fridge Slide was caused by the locking system coming loose. In many slides this was not adjustable, and the only option was to grin and bear it. We countered this by using our unique triple lock system. It means that the slide can be adjusted in the closed position to give a nice tight lock and not rattle en route.

We found the runners were the Achilles heel of the slide. If we used a below par runner, the result was a rubbish slide. We found an excellent quality runner that was stiff, didn’t rattle, used rubber bushes to assist locking, and over-extended by 50mm to ensure the fridge was well clear of the car. And the cost? Well we knew we were never going to be able to compete with the products coming in from China & the like, however, surprisingly, given all the improvements and extra features compared to other slides on the market, our price is very competitive. We have designed a strong, intelligent slide that we are happy to use in our own product.

A small price to pay for piece of mind, and piece and quiet.

For more info on our Premium Fridge Slides click here.

So your rolling down the bumpy dirt track, nothing but dust and trees to be seen for miles, meanwhile the fridge is doing backflips and cartwheels all over the back ruining your food.

Tie it down to your ORS Premium Fridge Slide with a set of "Just Straps" Fridge Tie Downs.



Strong sturdy straps that hold down tight and won't let go, On or Offroad. Featuring an easy "Quick-Release" system. If you like to take your fridge out of the car when you get to the camp site, it has never been easier. Just press press the clip in with your thumb and unhook it and the strap breaks into two peices, one that stays on your slide and the other stays on the fridge, so theres no hassles with re-tieing the straps every time you want to take the fridge out of the car.

When your done, just hook the two back together, and pull the straps and your ready to go. Simple! and Affordable. A set of 4 (which will will tie both sides of the fridge to the slide) costs only $27.