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Drawer Top Table

The quickest and easiest table you’ll ever own. Bench Space, You can never have enough! Whether your cooking a meal or just making a cuppa, you need a quick easy table to set up on.

This is why we developed the ORS Drawer Top Table. Its stored in the top of you drawer so you know where it is, it’s out of the way and will never move in you car. To use it, simple open the drawer, turn the table 90* popping the slots over the sides of the drawer, and push your drawer in. Notice it doesn’t close all the way. That’s to stop the drawer from closing when you have a cooking gear on top of it.

You can still access the contents of the drawer by sliding the table forward or backwards, even when in use. To pack it away, just turn it 90* again and close the drawer. EASY.

The table is made from cross-banded birch ply, so its super strong, and is covered with a Laminex top, the same as home bench tops, so its easy to clean. Fast, easy to store, strong and easy to clean. What more could you ask for?

Drawer Table Away

Drawer Table in Use

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