Do It Yourself Systems

Consider yourself a bit of a handyman? Want to save a few dollars? Want to build your own set of drawers? Let us start you off with our huge range of DIY products!

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Our DIY kits are a great solution for the home handy man and budget conscious. These kits can be supplied with as little or as much as you need, depending on what you want to achieve as an end result.

We get varying enquiries where people want a really basic system and have quite a bit of material at home i.e.: ply wood, carpet, hardware. As well as people who want to build something completely different to suit their particular needs. Maybe you’re building a system in a camper trailer or caravan? Maybe you use your vehicle around the farm and can’t justify the use and cost of carpet? Maybe you just ‘Buzz” from the achievement you get from making your own accessories, whatever the case, we are able to help. There is no obligation to purchase all of the DIY parts, you may just simply want the drawer & frame with its smooth ezyglide runners.


Price list & available sizes. click here

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If you wanted to r create our Standard 2 Drawer System, We can supply you with every component you will need. For example, the following components will create a Standard 2 Drawer in a 200 Series Landcruiser;

2 x SD 515 x 780 x 200 Drawer Frames
2 x Drawer Liners
1 x CNC Machined Ply Part Kit
2 x Lock & Handle Sets
1 x Bolt/Hardware Kit
1 x Wing Support Kit
2 x Lineal Meters Of Carpet


1090 Frame

Single Frame

1090 Frame

The Single frame is available in a range of sizes.

These are supplied as a machine folded frame with working a drawer inside. Every drawer is supplied with a single pair of runners and checked for correct operation before leaving our factory. A double runner option can be added at an additional cost (from $80.00) and aids in durability for carrying heavy items. Available in Aluminium or Galvanised steel.

The drawers have mounting holes, on top & bottom, so they can be bolted together in a stack to create any number of combinations

Available sizes are listed on the DIY price list.


1090 Frame

Our retrofittable runners are available in 2 sizes, 700mm & 1000mm. These full extension runners operate with a stainless steel ball bearing system & are designed with tabs (or clips) for easy installation.

Each pair of runners have a load capacity of 75kg.

1000mm Runners ~ $105.00 per pair.

700mm runners ~ $80.00 per pair

Fridge Side Panel

1090 Frame

Available in Galvanised Steel or Aluminium. Our Fridge Side Panel is specially designed to provide a strong framework around your fridge. These panels allow you to pack around your fridge, optimizing your storage space. The panels are designed to work in conjunction with our Premium Fridge Slides but will work with many other branded fridge slides.

A full list of available sizes & pricing as well as a list of what fridges work with the various side panels can be displayed using the link below.

Available sizes are listed on the DIY price list.

Lock & Handle kit

1090 Frame

Our standard lock & handle is available as a kit & is ideal if you have decided to purchase the machined drawer fronts, as all the machining has been done to fit both the lock left or right hand as well at the handle.
Available in sets of keyed alike locks & come with all hardware required to fit.

Price ~ $45.00 per set.


CNC Machined Ply Parts Set

1090 Frame

We have specially designed ply part sets to accompany our DIY drawer frames. These ply part sets are CNC machine cut to improve accuracy around those tricky side trim pieces in the back of your 4WD.

In addition to our DIY Drawer Frames a typical standard 2 drawer system ply part kit would include;

-Top panel in 2 halves.
-Base panel x 1 piece.
-Drawer fronts x 2 pieces.
-Lift up side covers 1 x passenger side & 1 x driver side
-Lock Panel assembly 1 x passenger side & 1 x driver side

A Full list of the available kits are available by clicking on the link below

Prices start at $450.00 per set.

Available sizes are listed on the DIY price list

Drawer Front

1090 Frame

As many of you might not be making an exact replica of the ORS drawer system, a complete ply part kit would not suit your application. We have available CNC machine cut drawer fronts for these circumstances. They have been designed and cut with pre drilled holes for locks on both the left & right hand side, & is rebated all 4 edges to allow for the carpet to wrap around. There is also a groove machined in to allow the carpet liner clip to fit between the drawer front & the drawer

Price ~ $30.00 each.

Marine Carpet Drawer Liner & Trim

1090 Frame

We use a stiff, non pile marine carpet for the drawer liner. This can be cut, creased & folded so the liner goes into the drawer in one piece & held in place by 4 strips of specially made retainer clip. We do this so the liner can be removed easily in the event of a spill. Being a marine carpet, it can easily be washed, pressure cleaned & left to dry, then replaced into the drawer.

A drawer liner set = 1 carpet liner & 4 lengths retainer clip

750 Long Drawer ~ $45.00 ea (advise drawer width)
1000 Long Drawer ~ $55.00 ea (advise drawer width)
1250 Long Drawer ~ $65.00 ea (advise drawer width)

Drawer Back Angle

1090 Frame

The drawer Back Angle is a length of Galvanised Steel angle, pre drilled for a series of rivets that can be used to mount the angle on the back edge of the drawer frame. This angle makes fitting a standard top very simple & also makes it much easier to remove when required.

Note - The back angle is only suitable however, if the top is finishing flush with the back of the drawers. If the top is to overhang it will need to be bolted to the drawer frame

Price ~ $19.00 per kit

Cargo Barrier Shelf Bracket Kit

1090 Frame

The cargo barrier Shelf Bracket Kit includes, 2 End Brackets, which are shaped to be mounted onto the cargo barrier mounting points & includes a return support for mounting the shelf. The kit also includes a rear mounting bracket which attaches to both the centre of the shelf & the cargo barrier. This bracket gives the centre of the shelf support.

Price ~ $85.00 per kit

Cargo Barrier Shelf Panel

1090 Frame

The cargo barrier Shelf Panel is made of lightweight ply & is machined to accept the rear cargo barrier mounting bracket. The shelf panel is 1200 long x 400 wide x 15mm thick

Price ~ $45.00 each

Bolt Kit

1090 Frame

We have put together a kit of bolts & hardware to suit the standard 2 drawer & fridgepack systems. These kits will include the bolts, screws, washers & any special hardware such as "T Nuts", "Cage Nuts" etc required to build & fit the drawer system.

*Note* Mounting bolts vary from vehicle to vehicle, so please advise which vehicle the unit is to be fitted into so we can supply the correct mounting bolts.

Prices start at $35.00 per kit

Available kits are listed on the DIY price list.

Wing Support Kit

1090 Frame

The Wing Support Kit, consists of 2 pieces of flat bar that has been pre drilled to screw under the top panel, as well as 2 pieces of aluminium angle pre drilled with 1/8 holes so they can be riveted to the side of the drawer system to support the side wings.

Price ~ $15.00 per kit

Just Straps

1090 Frame

Just straps are a high quality (Australian Made) set of 4, quick release strap, purpose made for use as fridge tie down straps. Each strap consists of 2 strap parts, a cam buckle , a hook & a loop. One part of the strap is fixed to the fridge & the other part is mounted to the slide. It is then just a matter of clipping the hook through the loop & pulling the strap through the cam buckle to tighten.

Very Quick!! Very Reliable

Price $27.00 per set of 4 straps

Rhino Straps

1090 Frame

Rhino Straps (same people who make Rhino Racks) are a 3mt long strap x 25mm wide & fitted with a cam buckle on one end. The strap is ideal to tie down a range of fridges to the fridge slides as well as generators to our generator slides. They can be cut to length if the strap is too long for the intended use & with a cigarette lighter the cut end of the straps can be sealed. Take care doing this as the sealed end will be very hot for a few seconds.

"Rhino" straps come packaged 2 straps per pack

Price ~ $15.00 per pr.

Stainless Steel Water Tanks

1090 Frame

We have developed a range of vehicle specific stainless steel water tanks designed to be incorporated between our drawer system & the 2nd row seats. Our water tanks are contoured to allow comfortable seating position of the rear seats. We also have a range of cargo barriers that have been specially designed to incorporate our water tanks.

All tanks are baffled, with a least 2 baffles welded inside the tank. The tanks all have a 12mm outlet, a 3/4 BSP inlet thread & a 10mm breather outlet.

Prices start at $630.00 each.

Available sizes are listed on the DIY price list.

Water Tank Hose Kit

1090 Frame

The water tank hose kit is a gravity fed plumbing system that is easily accessed through the passenger door. We use pharmaceutical grade clear resin hoses & fittings to suit our Stainless Steel Water Tanks.

  • Each kit includes
    -1mt of 12mm pharmaceutical grade clear resin hose for the outlet
    -1.2 mts of 10mm pharmaceutical grade clear resin hose for the breather
    -1 x barbed poly tap
    -2 x 16mm Stainless Steel hose clamps for outlet hose
    -3 x 12mm Stainless steel hose clamp for breather & sight gauge.

Price ~ $30.00 per kit

12 Volt Pump & Tap Kit

1090 Frame

As an upgrade to our water tanks we have put together a pump & tap kit that can be added to complement the drawer system. The 12v pump pushes 12 liters per min. We recommend an isolation switch to disconnect power to the pump while travelling

The tap is a swivel type with a good solid easy to grip handle..

  • Each kit includes
    -1 x 12 volt water pump - 12lpm.
    -1 x Tap
    -1 x Isolation Switch
    -1 x 12mm to 10mm reducer
    -3 x >12mm Stainless steel hose clamps
    -1 x >16mm Stainless steel hose clamp

Price ~ $210.00 per set

Stainless Steel Eye Bolts

1090 Frame

The Stainless Steel Eye Bolts can be fixed anywhere on or around your drawer system. The Eye Bolt has an M6 thread & a thread length of 16mm. We use "T Nuts" to secure the Eye Bolts into the deck in all the locations likely to need a tie down.

For instance, we might fit 12 "T Nuts" under the top panel & use 6 eye bolts in various positions for this trip & change the position to carry different items another time

Price Stainless Steel Eye Bolt ~ $9.00 ea.
Price "T Nut M6 ~ $0.15 ea.

ORS Stubby Holder

1090 Frame

An ORS Stubby Holder is a must have inside your drawers.

It is a full colour sublimating print stubby cooler

Price ~ $9.00 ea.

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