Custom Drawer Systems

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Custom drawer systems are our forte.

We have designed a large range of custom jobs to suit customers needs.

All custom jobs can be made out of both Galvanised Steel and Superlight Aluminium Frames and Drawers.

Ultimately, If you can dream it, we can make it.

Here are just a few examples of the custom drawer systems we have designed in the past.
Maybe it will inspire you.

Telecom trayback with double FP2S

Toyota LC79 Series Landcruiser Trayback -
This custom tourer has it all! Twin spare tyres are carried inside the canopy in front of the back to back fridges. Additional battery and extensive power management has been incorporated into the system including DC to DC charging, inverter, multple power outlets, even a flat screen TV.

Telecom trayback with double FP2S
Telecom trayback with std 3 drawer
Telecom Trayback - Passenger side - This unit is fitted with an ORS Premium fridge slide to suit an Engel 40 (FSL001) with a double drawer stack next to the fridge. One drawer stack is 540 wide & the other drawer stack is 455 wide.Both drawer stacks are Aluminium and you will notice the lower drawer in each stack is the deep 280 drawer & the upper drawer is the standard 200 high.

Telecom Trayback - Driver side - On this side we used 3 x 540 wide standard height 200 mm Aluminium drawers. The idea is that the owner can sleep on this side of the system if the need arrises.

Canopy fitout Fridge house, traveller Table, 2 drawer
Canopy with twin drawer , fridge house & traveller table100 Series Single Drawer with Fridge Slide
Gull Wing Canopy - Passenger side - This canopy is fitted an ORS Premium Fridge Slide to suit the ARB 47lt fridge as well as an ORS Traveller Table. A standard 200 high drawer system has been fitted with an ORS removeable battery box mounted on top. As you can see there is still plenty of room for luggage and camp gear.

Gull Wing Canopy - Driver side - Twin standard height x 780 long system fitted. Next to that we have another ORS pull out "Traveller Table" which again is integrated into the fridge house that is made to suit an Engel 40 sized fridge. We have continued the side of the fridge house up to avhieve another storage compartment under the built in shelf.

Canopy fitout single drawer water tank drop slidetank
Flexiglas canopy standrad 2 drawer, water tank, battery compartment
Flexiglass Canopy - Passenger side - This unit is fitted with a Stainless Steel Water Tank at the front with a battery box and multiple 12 volt outlets. We have fitted the Engel 40lt to an MSA DS40 drop slide as the tray on the dual cab is already quite high from standard. Next to that is a standard 780 x 200 drawer & across the back is a large storage area with 3 separate lft hatches.

Flexiglass Canopy - Driver side - Twin standard height x 780 long system fitted. You can also see the Stainless Eyebolt tie downs that have been fitted to a number of positions. The Stainless Steel Water Tank & additional battery are in the compartment up next to the headboard. Note the access this canopy gives to all areas of the system due to the full height gull wing doors.

GQ Patrol Standard 2 Drawer with Fridge Housing
100 Series Single Drawer with Fridge Slide
Nissan Patrol GQ - Deep 2 Drawer System with Fridge Housing & Stainless Steel Water Tank as well as the Special Cargo Barrier that allows for the large water tank. Toyota 100 Series Landcruiser - Single Drawer unit allowing room to refit 1 seat if required. Cutouts in the base allow for the seat to be refitted without removing the drawer system.
GQ Patrol Ute - Standard 2 Drawer
GQ Patrol 3 Drawer Tray back
Nissan Patrol GQ Trayback - Standard 2 Drawer back to back opening each side. On the rear we have a fridge mounted as well as a swing out Furnace & Anvil. This setup was custom made for a Farrier. The drawers fitted with double runners as they were set up to store all the horse shoes

Nissan Patrol GQ Trayback - Custom 3 Drawer System with slide to suit the huge TrailBlazer Fridge. Opens from passenger side of the trayback with camper body. Many configurations can be achieved in this style of setup.

100 Series - Standard 2 Drawer with Extra Drawer on top Wrangler 2 Drawer Plus 1 Drawer
100 Series - Standard 2 Drawer with Extra Drawer On Top Jeep Wrangler - Standard 2 Drawer + 1 Drawer on top
100 Series 6 Drawer Custom troopy FP2 Deep long, water tank
100 Series - Standard 2 Drawer with Extra Drawer On Top Toyota 100 Series Landcruiser -
This 6 Drawer System was custom made for a mobile Vetinarian.
He needed large items of equipment in the lower drawers & had plenty of room in the other drawers for instruments & medications
Troop Carrier - Custom FridgePack 2 Drawer Deep Long to suit 80lt Waeco Fridge with ORS Traveller Table mounted over fridge. This install had a lot going on with custom Stainless Steel Water Tank, custom steel lockable security box, additional battery with 12 management & multiple outlets and fusing. Also some custom fishing rod holders.
Nissan Navara Base and Fridge
broadcast van
Nissan Navara - Carpeted Floor and Tailgate Base
Plus and ORS Premium Fridge Slide
Broadcast Van - Setup includes drawers for camera & video equipment, recording equipment as well as broacasting equipment. Also fitted was a pnumatic 4 stage mast & satelite dish, genertor, pure sign wave inverter, battery backup, & much more.
Custom _Hiace-2

VW Caddy / Coffee Truck - Custom 2 drawer system with incorporated drawer tables. Polyethylene top deck for coffee machine. Carpeted back panel with inbuilt cup & stock storage.
In the front is water tank, generator, batteries, washing facilities & fridge.

Custom Hiace - Includes Drawer system below convertable bed
Trayback Camper- Carpeted Floor with 3 drawer stack with pull out table underneath. On the cab side we have an Engel 40 lt with a 2 zone. Trayback camper (oposite side) - Includes another 3 drawer stack with pull out table as well as a Waeco 50 litre on an ORS premium slide. A CTEK battery charger has also been wired in.
CSI Tarago - Yes! we Aussies have a CSI unit too!! - This setup in a Tarago had to hold all the still & video camera gear, including lenses, filters, battery packs etc. The system also needed to allow for access to the spare tyre & provide storage & access to the police officers kit bags. CSI Tarago- Here we show the camera preperation table we incoporated under the system. The table is supported on 2 legs to the bumper.
Rally car for the Kidney Foundation- We set this car up with a long 2 drawer aluminium system to minimise the weight this Golden Holden would be carrying in its outback odyssey. Custom Troopy- Long 2 drawer system with provision for 2 pull out tables. A Stainless Steel Water Tank, additional batteries & power outlets, Voltage monitoring guages, special security boxes & a number of other custom provisions.

OKA - This is an ongoing project for one of our customers. Every now & then it arrives to have a bit more done to the interior . A work in progress
So far it has the tent box & long storage drawer accessible from the back- this is under a bed base.

OKA- This is a kitchen unit built inside towards the rear. The lower drawer is accessible from the outside of the OKA through the side door.
Nissan Patrol Works burger-1
Nissan Patrol Works Burger-2
Nissan Trayback! - This is a "Works Burger". It has, on the passenger side, a fridge compartment to suit waeco 50 lt with a pull out traveller table next to it in its own compartment. Next to that we have a deep drawer for pots pans crockery etc. Next we have installed a kitchen sink & wash basin with cutlery drawer under. This init also has the gas bottle & gas water heater incorporated. Nissan Trayback- On the drivers side of the vehicle has been included 3 deep drawers (our 540 x 780 with 280 frame height) as well as a storage compartment at the rear. All these units are at one level so should the need arrise the owner can sleep on top.
Gull Wing Trayback-1
Gull Wing Trayback-2
Trayback with Custom Twin Gull Wing Doors - This setup again is built to specific requirements from the customer. Accomodating the dual battery setup, the Engel 60 fridge & a special 2 drawer system. The lower drawer was made especially deep to accommodate camp ovens & cooking pots ,pans etc. Trayback with Custom Twin Gull Wing Doors - On the drivers side you can see we have another 4 drawers for storage as well as allocating space for easy access to the spare tyre & fire extinguiser. Because of the design of the canopy, we have been able to also incoporate a pull out kitchen bench from the rear.
Trayback & Rooftop Tent-1
Trayback & Rooftop Tent-2
Trayback & Rooftop Tent setup!! - Again, we were giver some hurdles to get over with this setup. The ice box is huge so we had to make a special slide in order to bring it out far enough to open the lid. A standard 540 x 200 aluminium storage drawer next to that and, a modified CarBack Kitchen that can used off the back as pictured or stand alone. Trayback & Rooftop-2- On the drivers side we had fitted 2 more storage drawers with double runners as well as a battery compartment. The whole unit (with the exception of the ice box is built at one level so access is possible from both sides & sleeping is possible if necessary..
Trayback System with drop Slide-1
Trayback System with drop Slide-2
Extra Cab Trayback-Passenger side- The brief here was maximum low level storage & a flat deck so the owners could sleep on top if they had to. We used three 540 x 200 drawers with a Platinum Drop Slide (DS40) & ARB 47 lt fridge. Extra Cab Trayback-Driver side- On the drivers side we have made a full length compartment with a lift up side as the client had long items to accomodate such as fishing rods.
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