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Aluminium Advantage

Our Aluminium Drawers:
Lightweight Champion of the Industry

What our competitors have had to say

Here at OffRoad Systems, we’ve been building the best value storage solutions for the past 10 years, and since our very first drawer system, we’ve been on the lookout for ways to improve our drawers.

At the beginning of 07, we found that we could use a certain gauge of aluminium to supplement the galvanised steel frames of our drawers, retaining the strength but lightening the load by roughly 30%. Weight has been raised as a major issue in the 4wd, camping and caravan community, as it not only affects your vehicle’s performance, but can also potentially damage your vehicle’s suspension. What’s worse is that many insurance companies simply will not pay out a claim if your vehicle was overloaded at the time of an incident.

Many were sceptical about our aluminium framed drawers, and rightly so. Who would believe that we could produce a drawer unit that boasts the same strength, the same dimensions, the same quality, but 1/3 lighter than ever before? But what needs to be known is that the strength of our systems comes not from the robust nature of our components, but the intelligence behind the design. Anyone can slap some heavy duty runners on a heavy duty frame and call it the toughest drawer system in the land. But to make one that carries all you could possibly need and still only weigh 45kg (which is not much more than the seats you remove), well... you get the point.

Jaime, Standing on an Aluminium Drawer Frame, Holding the Same Drawer frame in One HandSince our introduction of the aluminium drawer system in 2007, there have been a number of negative comments put forward by other drawer manufacturers. These comments found their way to us through customers who had spoken to our competitors, then came to us for the better value for money and lighter option. Most of their comments revolve around how aluminium isn’t strong enough, the flimsy frames would crack, and many more negative assumptions about our ‘inferior frame’.

So were are setting the record straight. Since our aluminium frames were put to market in 2007, There have been no complaints about our aluminium drawer systems. None. Zero. This includes the units used in a pre-release test group.

Before we put our aluminium frames on the market, we had to test them. So we fitted out two separate tag-along tour operators with our 1st sets of aluminium drawers. This test would show us just how much punishment our units could take; long distance touring over rough terrain, with very heavy gear inside and out the drawers. The two tag-along operators regularly take tours through central Australia, the Simpson desert, Canning stock route, etc. Some of the roughest terrain our sunburnt country has to offer, and they do it on a regular basis. When they came back with nothing but praise, every time, we knew that our units were strong enough to put on the market.

So now the public knows the truth about Aluminium. You’ve heard about how our frames will crack, how inferior aluminium is, and how it won’t stand up to the test of time. But you’ve also seen the truth: that our units are just as tough as they need to be. That our drawer’s strength lies in its design, not its super heavy components. Our units are without doubt the lightest and best value for money on the market.

My guess is that regardless of what the competition say about aluminium drawer frames, they know exactly what the score is. They know the precise possibilities of aluminium, and how it’s going to shape the future of off road recreation. So listen carefully to what they say, and start counting the days before they produce an aluminium drawer system of their own.

Graham Jones.
Managing Director
OffRoad Systems Pty. Ltd.