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Drawers in the OutbackOffRoad Systems. The 4WD storage specialists of premium storage drawer systems.

Whether you're a caravaner, weekend camper or setting up for that long trip, OffRoad Systems has designs to suit any application, including drawer systems with integrated stainless steel water tanks, Cargo barriers, & portable fridges & fridge slides to suit most models, right up to the Waeco 80 & 110 litre.

Our new** Superlight Series ** uses a combination of an aluminium drawer and frame, as well as a highly developed, lightweight, waterproof plywood to dramatically reduce the weight of our already light systems, without compromising strength. In the wake of rising fuel costs and the need to reduce the stress that a vehicle endures whilst touring, we realise that it is essential to keep the weight that a vehicle is carrying, to a minimum. This is why we developed the Superlight Series. Even with the reduced weight of our Superlight Series, they are still rated to carry the same load as our galvanised steel systems. The Superlight Series drawers can be used in both our Two Drawer and Fridgepack configurations.

Prado 120All systems are upholstered in marine grade carpet and have removable drawer liners for easy cleaning. The system was designed to be removed simply and easily, and can be taken out of the car with one spanner in less than 30 minutes. In most cases our systems mount to existing holes used for tie down hooks or child restraints, eliminating the need to drill new holes in the vehicle. This means that if your want to take the system out to sell the car, you won't have to deal with unsightly holes drilled into the floor. If you are putting off buying a system because you are thinking of upgrading your car, don't. All of our systems are interchangeable from vehicle to vehicle. For a small fee, we will replace the top, base, locks and wings to suit your new vehicle.

Systems are available for all models of four wheel drive, including Landcruisers and Patrols, Prados, Pajeros, Hilux, Troop-Carrier, Navara, Rodeo, Jackaroo, Surf and 4Runner, Discovery, Defender, Forester, and many more, including custom set-ups.

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